Who is Yoni Gerrish?


Yoni Gerrish is the most gifted Bible teacher I have ever been around. His study of the Bible and the land of Israel are so complete. He has the most awesome ability to help even a simple-minded country bumpkin like myself have Bible scripture come ALIVE right before my very eyes. It is obvious he loves what he is doing. His study is sincere, accurate, deep, simple, heart felt, fun, challenging, enduring and most important for someone who wants to deepen their relationship and walk with the Lord.

Yoni doesn’t sit on a tour bus and point out Biblical and historic sites, so we can snap pictures through the windows. We journey to the site, hiking up mountains, climbing down into cisterns and wading through tunnels. Once at the site, he will open scripture to that very text and allow the site to come alive in your own heart.

After about 10 days of this site to site traveling, you become over-whelmed with emotion. Your brain can’t process all that is coming in, but your heart cries out to keep learning!

Yoni has learned how to take a person to a level in scripture that most people never experience. Our journey of Israel took us from top to bottom. We spent time in the northern area of Galilee, down into the Desert Wilderness and Dead Sea, over into Jordan, then to Ellat on the Red Sea and finished our last few days in Jerusalem. We even spent a day in Bethlehem. We finalized our tour at the Garden Tomb and celebrated the Lord’s Supper.  If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Israel, do your homework first and contact the Jerusalem Cornerstone Foundation. Then schedule “The Trip of a Lifetime”


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April 2006